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I'm a collector, apprentice, accumulator, and visual artist interested in the materiality of the image and its mutant properties.

I work across installation, photography, collage, and video.

On this website, I bring together works that share an interest in ideas of freedom, language, rest, precarity, borders...

I was born in Alicante (Spain) in 1985.
I live and work between London and Alicante.

Feijóo's images pose a discontinuity, a constant displacement, a becoming, a continuous difference. Multiple, diverse, mutant, open to what is strange, foreign, queer pictures appear as opposed to unique, serial, or typological pictures. Photographs that go one step further, or further into, the photographic collage and that suppose a mise en abyme as a result of the inclusion of some pictures within others. Certain dualisms can be perceived in his work, but they act more in contiguity, in affinity than in opposition. Pictures invade the walls without a defined frame: diverse materials that unite bodies and objects showing a shared matter; soft bodies on hard surfaces or altered and residual landscapes.
Alberto Feijóo lives among pictures. They are physical bodies that invade his studio and are no longer records of a lived moment. They are not representations and do not activate memories, but rather fortuitous encounters, always partial, fragmented connections. He pictures work by establishing links, proposing syntheses between heterogeneous realities, rather than reconciling opposites.

Text by curator Nuria Enguita.

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MA Photography; Practices and Philosophies. Central Saint Martins. University of the Arts, London. 2018 - 2020.
Graduate Diploma in Photography, European University of Madrid. 2009 - 2010.

Degree in Communication. Faculty of Social Studies. The University of Alicante. 2004 - 2009.

Workshop Campus PhotoEspaña. Photographer Assistant of Lise Sarfati. 2011

Workshop Campus PhotoEspaña editorial design by Markus Schaden, Trolley Books, and Cristóbal Hara. 2011

Moving by Night, Resting by day a Workshop by Adam Jeppesen, La Fragua AIR, Belalcázar. 2014

Grants and awards

2021 I Premio Finestrat Arte Público. Alicante. Spain

2021 Co_Net Residency Program. Castellón. Spain

2019 The New Talents. The Photographers' Gallery London. UK

2018 Circuitos de Artes Plásticas. Comunidad de Madrid. Spain

2017 Banca March Foundation Award (shortlisted) Madrid. Spain

2016 Prix Levallois (shortlisted) Levallois. France

2015 Plat(t)form 15. Fotomuseum Winterthur. Switzerland

2013 PhotoIreland, Dublin. Ireland

2011 Descubrimientos PHotoEspaña. Madrid. Spain

2011 Emergent Lleida 2011 Photography and Visual Arts International Festival. Spain

Solo and duo shows

2023 Trascity. Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno (IVAM). Valencia. Spain.

2022 Transformer. Pradiauto. Madrid. Spain.

2020 Unchained Vol. 1 with Guillermo Ros, A10. Valencia. Spain.

2019 Unchained with Guillermo Ros, Galería Fran Reus. Palma de Mallorca. Spain

2019 Whatever o lo que sea with Angel Masip & Gonzalo Puch. El Almudín. Valencia. Spain

2018 Una Confusión Colosal (A Colossal Confusion) Sala Kursala, University of Cádiz. Spain

2016 Rosetta, Galería Luis Adelantado. Valencia. Spain

2014 SWUTK. Something We Used to Know, Centro 14. Alicante. Spain

Group shows (2012-2020)

2023 ARCO 23. Galería Jorge López. Madrid. Spain

2020 Between Debris and Things. CCCC. Valencia. Spain.

2019 The new Talents TPG. The Photographers' Gallery. London. UK

2019 Narrativas en Las Fisuras del Espacio y el Tiempo. Museo de la Universidad de Alicante.

2018 Circuitos de Artes Plásticas Comunidad de Madrid. Spain

2018 Un Sujeto Construido en el Punto de Intersección de la Multiplicidad de Posiciones de Sujeto. Casal Solleric. Palma de Mallorca. Spain

2017 Un Cierto Panorama. Curated by Jesús Micó. Sala Canal Isabel II. Madrid. Spain

2017 ARCO 17. Galería Luis Adelantado. Madrid. Spain

2016 Display-me. Curated by Diana Guijarro. Centro Cultural Cigarreras. Alicante. Spain

2016 Casa Leibniz, Palacio Santa Bárbara. Madrid. Spain

2016 Geology of the Ineffable, Centre Cívic Can Felipa. Barcelona. Spain

2015 Ciudad Elegida, Mustang Art Gallery. Alicante. Spain

2015 Vidas Cruzadas, Galería Paula Alonso. Madrid. Spain

2015 XVII CALL, Galería Luis Adelantado. Valencia. Spain

2014 Universos Paralelos: Transvergencias fotográficas entre España y Puerto Rico. Galería Franciso Oller, University of Puerto Rico and Hospedería Fonseca. University of Salamanca. Spain

2014 Senza meta. Festival Fotografia Europea. Regio Emilia. Italy.

2014 P2P Prácticas Contemporáneas en la Fotografía Española, PHotoEspaña, Teatro Fernán Gómez. Madrid. Spain

2014 XIV Concurso ENCUENTROS DE ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO, Museo Universidad de Alicante. Spain

2013 Presente Continuo, Centro Cultural Conde Duque. Madrid. Spain

2013 Libros que son fotos, fotos que son libros, Espacio D, Biblioteca MNCARS. Madrid. Spain

2012 Sparks, Espacio F, PHotoEspaña. Madrid. Spain

Publications and catalogues

2019 Narrativas en Las Fisuras del Espacio y el Tiempo. Museo de la Universidad de Alicante

2018 Circuitos de Artes Plásticas, Comunidad de Madrid

2018 Una Confusión Colosal Universidad de Cádiz

2015 Nuevas Narrativas by Cristina Anglada for Descubrir El Arte Magazine

2014 Universos Paralelos edited by Act. Culturales Universidad de Salamanca and Inst. de Cult. Puertorriqueña. Puerto Rico

2014 XIV ENCUENTROS DE ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO, Museo Universidad de Alicante

2014 Something We Used to Know, self-published

2014 RV Papers: curated by Roberto Vidal.

2013 30y3 works by Contemporary Spanish Photographers (web)

2012. PHotoEspaña

Teaching experience
2022 Pradiauto Club Collage.

2022 Alicante Club Collage.

2021 Finestrat Collage Club Alicante.
2021 Workshop "No Hacer Nada" CC Cigarreras Alicante

2020 Flying Debris CCCC Valencia

2019 Costa Plástica. Tate Exchange. Tate Modern. London

2014-2017 Contemporary Still Life. European Institute of Design. Madrid

2015 Shoot and Fail, Photoalicante

2016 Stages, Identity through Photography, European Institute of Design Madrid

2016 The Biography of the objects. Centre Cívic Can Felipa, Barcelona

2015 Photography as an object. European Institute of Design Madrid

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