A dialogue between Guillermo Ros and Alberto Feijóo.


Unchained is a work in progress that reflects a number of entanglements between work, life and personal experiences shared by two persons.

This project aims to question the role of the artist as a producer/collector by creating a meeting point, a shared flat.

Installation views at Galería Fran Reus. Palma de Mallorca.

Summer 2019

Free Acid


Free Acid takes as a starting point the idea of New Babylon, an utopian-futuristic city perceived and designed from 1959 to 1974 by visual artist Constant Nieuwenhuys.

Often using procedural tools more commonly associated with architects and engineers, this assemblage work call a wide range of sources including photography, collage, models, tiny sculptures...

The collages are the result of the accumulation and the entanglements between images (produced and found) that coexist within the same frame/space.

Installations views at The Photographers' Gallery, London as a part of TPG New Talent 19 Group Show.


Summer 2019.

Whatever o lo que sea



Gonzalo Puch + Ángel Masip + Alberto Feijóo

A project curated by Diana Guijarro.

To whom it may concern

in the dead stones of a planet

no longer remembered as Earth

may be decipher this opaque hieroglyph

perform and archeology of soul

on these precious fragments

all that remain of our vanished days.

Derek Jarman. Modernature. 1991.

Installation views at El Almudín, Valencia.
Spring 2019

Una Confusión Colosal (A Colossal Confusion)



Some references and installation views.
Madrid, London, Margate, Cádiz & Alicante.

Made in 2018.

The Shift: El Desplazamiento.



Limited edition of 10 copies exhibited as a part of the installation "The Shift: El Desplazamiento".


This publication is the result of a residency in the Museum of the University of Alicante during the summer of 2017.



This publication compiles excerpts from a private Facebook chat first started in 2011 between Carlos Chavarria, Erik von Frankenberg, Alberto Feijóo and Jon Uriarte in which they share their thoughts and interests about photography.


The publication is completed by a visual narrative composed of photographs by the four friends.
(Text in spanish)

Some Advises About Survival



New, old and rare images.
10 episodes.
156 pages.
98 B/N photos.
101 numbered and signed copies.




Edited by Fiesta Ediciones, 14 pages, edition of 100 numered copies.

This is the story of a man who lived out the greater part of his life in Western Europe, in the latter half of the twentieth century. Though alone for much of his life, he was nonetheless occasionally in touch with other men. He lived through an age that was miserable and troubled. The country into which he was born was sliding slowly, ineluctably, into the ranks of the less developed countries; often haunted by misery, the men of his generation lived out their lonely, bitter lives. Feelings such as love, tenderness and human fellowship had, for the most part, disappeared.
The relationships between his contemporaries were at best indifferent and more often cruel.

From the novel "Atomised". Michel Houellebecq, 1998.

SWUTK (Something We Used to Know)



113 pages
72 photographs
Perfect-bound softcover
Edition of 100 printed copies


© 2019